STELLA TRACK, Tanzanian Hiking Office:

The Moshi office is situated a little outside the city center, close to the area where many of the porters and guides lives. Looking out the northern window, we have a beautiful view of Kilimanjaro.

View of Kilimanjaro

The view from the Moshi office window

Jacob George Luoga

Owner and Tour Organizer  

The owner of Stella Track

Jacob at the Moshi office

Jacob is Tanzanian and living in Moshi. He has been working on mount Kilimanjaro since 2000, and has the required knowledge and experience for arranging the tours for our guests.

He is also the proud father of three children, George 22, Jofrey 13 and Prisca 8, of whom the two youngest lives with Jacob. 

Jacob speaks English, Swahili and Chagga. And perhaps some Danish if you challenge him.

Jacobgl(at)    +255 765 671 83

Helena Valorinta Luoga

Customer Care, Administration and coordination  

Coordinating manager of Stella Track

Helena in Dar es Salaam

Helena is educated within marketing and have several years of experience within project management and customer care. She has also been working at a travel agency specialized in trips to Africa . Helena climbed Kilimanjaro in February 2013,and managed to reach Uhuru Peak. This is also where she met Jacob, as he was the one who took her to the top.

Helena and Jacob are now a married couple. She is also the proud mother of five.

Helena is fluent in English, Danish & Swedish and know some Norwegian and German too.

Helenavl(at)    +45 5044 6935 / +255 719 096 585