Stella Track crew having a meeting

The crew meeting at Uhuru Park

We had our first meeting with potential crew members, In September 2015, to find out what they would concider to be fair working conditions and fair salary.

The meeting took place at the Uhuru Park Cafe in Moshi, Tanzania.

At this meeting we settled many of the agreements we have in our company. Salary level, mobile payment, climbing together as a team where the porters are just as known and valued as the guides.

At this meeting the foundation was laid for how we want to work, what kind of company we are. And the foundation for regarding the crew as our companies biggest asset.

It was a good meeting where all the people attending also left us their contact infos for future use.

Would like to know exactly what we talked about and agreed upon? Here is a link to the complete resume Helena took from the meeting.

Here are Helenas notes from the meeting

Meet some of our crew

Our Kilimanjaro crew - five of them

Crew on Kilimanjaro - some of them