All these photos have been taken by our clients during our safaris. A big thank you, for letting us use them.

Safari and climb? You might want to consider combining your climb with a 2 day safari in the nearby Tarangire park, or maybe take four days and go all the way to Serengeti

Doing it prior to your climb is a really enjoyable way of getting used to the area, culture, and the heat. Your first day of the climb will be in the rain forest zone. Getting used to the heat prior to the climb can ease this day.

Simon doing Safari and Climb

Simon, our main safari guide, during lunchtimeh

Maybe you want to do a climb and your travel companions are more into a safari. They dream about Serengeti and Ngorongoro, or maybe Lake Manyara. We can provide you with this as well. So if you want to do both, or split and each fulfill your own dream it is up to you. Maybe all you want is your own tyler made safari.

We cooperate with different local safari providers This means we are able to provide you with a custom made safari and climb, or just safari, according to your wishes. As long as your dreams are doable, of course.

One example of a 4-day safari:

Safari and climb map of example safari

day 1) Tarangire

Today we will head to the sixth largest national park in Tanzania, Tarangire National Park In Tarangire park you find the largest concentration of Elephants in the world, but of course here is also cheetahs, leopards, lions, hyenas and a others of the African wildlife. You also find the baobab trees and the acacia trees forming the well known African Savannah landscape. The park is named after the Tarangire River which runs through the park. During the dry season this is the only source of water the animals have in the park. Afterwards we will drive to Flamingo lodge near Ngorongoro for the over night stay

day 2) Ngorongoro

After breakfast and check-out from the lodge, we will drive through the Ngorongoro conservation area and reach the famous crater. We will drive down the crater (600 m down) and experience the unique wild life in this UNESCO natural heritage. The Ngorongoro crater is home to some 25.000 – 30.000 animals. It is hilly plateaus, where the zebras, gnus and giraffes grasses on the savannah. The only one you will not see is the giraffe. The giraffe simply can not walk down the crater.  Then we will go North west and arrive at Arrive at Tanzania Bush camp in Serengeti, where we will check in. Evening game drive in Serengeti national park and then back to Tanzania Bush camps tented luxury for a good night’s sleep

day 3) Serengeti

Today  you will have a full day safari in Serengeti National park. We will be looking for the “big Five”, the Rhino, the Elephant, The Lion, The leopard and the Buffalo, but you will also see different kinds of Gazelles and Antelopes, Zebra, Eagle, Warthog, Ostriches and so on and so on. After a full day we will drive back to Tanzania Bush camp for a well deserved rest.

Day 4) Serengeti

On this day we will have time for a morning game drive in Serengeti before we head back to the Chagga city of Moshi. Overnight stay at our prefered Hotel in Moshi  and then start your Kilimanjaro climb.

Please contact us to talk about your ideas. 

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In case you wonder if a safari would be worthwhile, we can tell you that a group of 310 Australian tourists, just visited Serengeti. They stated this is “the most beautiful tourist attraction they have ever seen”. Many of them would consider doing it again

Pressrelease from Tanapa

A press release from the Tanzanian nationalparks (TANAPA) reporting on the event with the 310 Australian tourists