These are the destinations we offer

We are a hiking company, and we focus on helping people climb Kilimanjaro or Meru. That is why you below will find links to detailed descriptions of the different routes we offer you to choose between, when climbing Kilimanjaro.

Meru only has one route, but you can choose to climb to different heights on this route.

We also have great local partners, allowing us to combine your climb with a safari or different day tours. Don’t miss this great opportunity, to see more of Tanzania and the area around Kilimanjaro, while you are here.

We have talked a great deal about decent working conditions on different pages, here on our website. We consider this a big part of who we are and what we offer you as a climber. If you would like to know more about this, and what we do, you can read about this here.

Please, follow the links below to get a full description of the different destinations

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Our destinations, links

Kilimanjaro, the routes we offer

  • Lemosho – The longest route, where you get to experience the full glory of Kilimanjaro
  • Machame – The most popular, with good success rate
  • Rongai – The only one coming form the northern side – the route less travelled
  • Marangu – claimed to be the easiest route, but maybe not the one with the highest success rate
  • Hiking on the slopes – not up for the struggles of reaching the top? Hike around it, and experience the beauty of Kilimanjaro

Meru – with a perfect view over Kilimanjaro

Materuni Waterfall and Coffee Experience – a visit to Chagga-land

Safari – some examples of what we can offer

the Beach – our suggestions for your further travels


The top of Kilimanjaro

The top of Kilimanjaro seen from mt Meru