view from mt meru

On the way up Mt Meru

The lenght of the mt Meru climb is 4 days

Mount Meru is situated west of Kilimanjaro, inside the Arusha National Park. Existing in the shadow of Kilimanjaro it is still and impressive volcano reaching 4566 m at the top. In contrast to Kilimanjaro, wild animals are often seen on mount Meru and an armed ranger from the Arusha national park will accompany us on this treck. Your guide and porters are still in charge of taking care of you and the climb, as the ranger is a safety guard specialised in his own field.

Mount Meru is often used as a acclimatising climb prior to climbing Kilimanjaro, and it offers some spectacular views of Kilimanjaro in the distance. However this four day climb is an adventure on its own, and are well recommended if you are not up to Kilimanjaro but still want the adventure of mountain trecking. You should however not underestimate the challenges of mount Meru. The summit day offers some 10 hours of hiking, and there will also be some scrambling on rocks.

There is only one route up Mount Meru, but if you are not up for the strains of reaching the top you can stop at Rhino point, and return down after having experienced the amazing sunrise. On Mount Meru you sleep in huts during the climb.