At the moment we can not offer any special deals for going to the beach of Tanzania.

We can however recommend some excellent places.

Bare foot paradise

If you are on a limited budget, but still want your share of paradise, Mikadi Beach might be for you. Just south of Dar es Salaam, still on mainland Tanzania you find this little bare foot paradise:

Mikadi Beach

Mikadi beach

The beach and the view from one of the huts

Up for a little more luxury?

Dreaming of Zanzibar, but big resorts are not really your thing? Then Ras Michamvi on the east coast of Zanzibar could be for you:

Ras Michamvi

Ras Michamvi

The view of the beach from the hotel, and beautiful building

Abundance is not enough?

The full package of both paradise and luxury is what you are looking for? Then five star Blue bay beach resort on the east coast of Zanzibar is worth your attention:

Blue Bay Beach

beach and entry

The beach and the hotel with its absolutely breathtaking architecture