Watch this  3 min video, showing clips from climbing the Lemosho route on Kilimanjaro

Our main destination is Kilimanjaro, and everything that goes for climbing Kilimanjaro goes for Mt Meru as well.

At the start of the climb you will be presented to the crew. You will learn the names of the crew members and get to know who is carrying what. You will be carrying your day pack with water, camera and rain jacket. You will not be climbing together with the crew. They will go ahead with all the equipment and set up the camp at the next campsite. It will be ready when you arrive. You will climb together with your guide and assistant guides

You will be eating in the mess tent. The cook has already prepared your food, and the waiter will bring it to you. The crew will eat together around the kitchen tent. If they were to eat together with you, we would need to bring a huge mess tent. This would require to many extra porters. But you are welcome to take your plate and go and eat with the crew if you prefer this. You are also more than welcome to take your after meal tea or coffee together with the crew. And do take the time to do this. This is where you get to know each other, to laugh and share stories.
This is where you create the spirit of team.

client cooking in the kitchen tent

It is even possible to be allowed to help the cook prepare the food.

You will have your own tent to sleep in. The crew share a big tent. They prefer this both for the company of each other and for keeping warm during the night. The cook will be sleeping in the kitchen tent. This way he can prepare breakfast without having to disturb the other crew members when waking up.

After you finished breakfast you will continue with your guide and assistant guide. The crew will pack down the camp, pass you on the way and go on to set up the camp for you at the next site. So you see, getting to know your team happens at the campsite during the evening hours


But I want to carry my own stuff…

Some people ask if they can carry their own stuff. The thought of other people doing it for them is in some way disturbing. Well, we will always bring the amount of porters required. If you want to carry your own stuff, or even try and carry a porters share, we can arrange this. It will cost you the same, as we will bring the same amount of porters, but the experience will be of a different flavor.


First sight of the Barranco camp at the foot of the Barranco wall

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