Materuni village is a genuine Chagga village on the slopes of Kilimanjaro

This daytrip can include visiting the village, seeing the waterfall and having a great “coffee experience”

It can also be devided into just one or two of them.

Materuni Waterfall

Around 20 -30 minutes outside of Moshi up the lopes of Kilimanjaro are Materuni waterfalls. There is a 30 minute walk through amazing rainforest with both banana and avocado trees and coffe bushes. If you keep your eyes open you may even spot a small cameleon on one of the branches. You will spot the waterfall from a distance before we reach it, small but still impressive with its 150 m. height. The water falls straight down in a smallpool on which shores you can enjoy your lunch pack. If you are up for it, the water offers a crystal clear and ice cold swim, where you can even try to jump through the waterfall and into the water. Remember to bring your swimsuit.

Mteruni Waterfall

Walking to the Materuni waterfall and having a quick dip in the ice cold water

Coffee Experience

After the waterfall you should go for a genuine coffee experience. This is the area where some of the finest coffee in East Africa grow. You will have the opportunity to not only see but also try yourself to prepare the beans. Take the shells off and roast and grind the beans with traditional tools. At the end you will be offered a cup of probably the fines coffee you ever tasted, and you processed it your self. And off course you will be able to buy some coffee or coffee beans to take with you home, to prolong the experience

coffe experience

Experiencing picking, grinding, rosting and finally, tasting your own coffee

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