view from airplane window

The breathtaking view from the airplane window


The first travel information to give is about flights. Flights are not icluded in our prices. We recomend you book your flights at the same time you book your climb with us. In order to get the best flight prices book the trip at least two months prior to your actual climb. If you are planning on climbing in december, please book six months ahead, as flight prices are really high for last minutes booking in december.

Tjek out momondo or skyscanner to find the best flight prices and book your flight


Bringing your passport is not enough! The passport must be valid for six months after leaving Tanzania. And it must have two empty pages for the stamps, one when arriving in Tanzania and the other when leaving.

Please chek your passport well ahead for you to get a new one in time for your trip, should the one you have not meet these requirements


Travellers from most countires can obtain a Visa for Tanzania on arrival at the international airports in Kilimanjaro or Dar es Salaam. It costs US$ 50 in cash, (make sure you have the correct amount available as they do not give change), to be paid at the airport, and your photo and fingerprints will be taken. You will also have to fill in an information card about your stay in Tanzania. Where they ask for your adress fill in the adress of the first hotel you are staying at. If you are staying at Komboa youth assosiation you give this adress. The correct info will be on yout booking confirmation from us


If you arrive at Kilimanjaro airport we will pick you up by car. Please send us your time of arrival and your flight informations, so we can keep ourself updated on any changes in arrival time.

If you plan on taking the bus from Ubungo station in Dar es Salaam to Moshi, please let us know. We will send you a contact telephone number where you can text us updates on how your bustrip is proceeding. This will make it possible for us to pick you up at the busstation in Moshi at the correct time


As a travel company we are not authorised to give advise in medical matters – Please contact your doctor or a vaccination center. Having the proper protection is vital. Talk to your doctor.


Make sure you have a valid travel insurance. Loosing your luggage can be more than annoying, but having to see a doctor without having a proper health insurance for your trip can be extremly expensive!!

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