Routes on Kilimanjaro

The black line shows the route for this hike. The grey ones show other routes

8-10 days on the slopes of Kilimanjaro

You would love to see and even treck on the slopes of Kilimanjaro, but climbing on high attitude is not really your thing? Don’t worry about that, we have a great solution to your needs. Stella Track offers you the possibility to take the Lemosho Route through the Northern Circuite and then all the way down to the Marungu gate, going around the top without attempting to reach it.

The northern circuit of Lemosho, a relatively new route, is preferred due to its beauty and remoteness. Moreover, you will get the chance to go down following one of the first routes to the peak of Kili, the Marangu (Coca Cola) route. On this route, you will have a chance to enjoy a well deserved Coca Cola or beer after your unforgetable hike.

To see the route follow the black line from west on the map, north around the cratertop and down on the eastern side of Kilimanjaor

What else are you waiting for? Go ahead and book a 8-10 days of a World Heritage Area of natural and cultural significance.

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