mandara hut at Marangu

Jacob at Mandara hut on the Marangu route

The Length of the Marangu route is 6 days

The Marangu Route is the most popular trail. It has great features such as the rich forest of the south-eastern slopes, the Maundi Crater, full of flowers and the wind-blown Saddle. On top of this you sleep in solar-powered sleeping huts with comfortable beds at every camp. Bathrooms and running water are available at the two lower huts. You have your dinner together with other climbers from all over the world in dining huts providing a very special atmosphere

This does not make this route an easy one. This route only takes you upwards and it can do it quickly. Many people fail to reach the summit on this route because they have failed to acclimatise properly. You should give your body enough time to acclimatise properly. This has nothing to do with how fit you are, and everything to do with time. In fact young and fit people fail here where elderly smokers succeed. They simply walk in a pace that allows them to acclimatise.

You can climb Kilimanjaro in five days using this trail, but we do not offer this. Your body needs time to acclimatise. Even though people make it to the top in five days, we are not willing to jeopardise neither you possibility to reach the top, nor your health.


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