Kibo seen from Lemosho

The morning sun on the top, before you choose to go north or south around it

The Lenght of the Lemosho route is 8 – 9 days

This long, little-used route parallels the lower part of the Shira Route. The Lemosho Route is a beautiful way, away from from the crowds on Marangu and Machame, that takes you around most of the mountain. It is the longest route, the route for those who value the journey perhaps more than the goal. We have two alternatives to the Lemosho route, going either south or north around the mountain to reach Uhuru peak, the very top.

Both alternatives takes you through the amazing rainforest and up to the vast Shira plateau.

Taking the northern circuit will lead you around the northern side of Kilimanjaro and passes above the Amboseli national park in Kenya. Leaving you with a chance to see the wildlife here. Passing between the two tops Kibo and Mawenzi you go on to reach Gilmans point and then follows the crater rim around to Uhuru peak.

Taking the southern alternative leads you on to see the Lawa tower and scramble the Barranco wall. You take the route up to Stella point and then onwards to Uhuru peak.

The souther trail take you down following the Mweka route, with an overnight stay at the Millenium camp. The northern take you down the Marangu route

clients and crew posing

Two clients and the proper amount of crew to take them up the Lemosho route

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