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Let us tell you about our payment system – this is essential to our business:

We are paying high salaries using mobile phones for payments and tracking the movements. Before each climb, the guide sends a list to our company office with the names, phone number and telephone companies of each porter taking part of the climb, as well as the cook, any asistant guides and him self. At the end of the climb, we transfer the correct wages to each of the crew members, using the mobile payment system each porter have. It will ensure the employed people involved in a climb, are being paid the correct salary. It will also ensure the correct amount of porters are engaged, for each climb, as we now have a record of the participating crew members. High salaries also ensures us some of the best guides and porters.

Using mobile phone payment systems for salary payments of porters is new, nobody does it, – yet.

Mobile payment are well established in East Africa. When you sign up for an account with a Tanzanian phone company you automatically get the mobile payment on top of it, and everyone has a mobile phone. Transferring money this way costs a minor fee, but is easy and quick.

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