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Kilimanjaro, and...?

At Stella Track we offer climbs up Kilimanjaro and Meru. We can also help you get a great safari or a cultural daytrip in addition to your climb.
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How to prepare?

You might have a ton of questions, about climbing a mountain. Clik this section and we will do our best to help you be prepared.
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Why "Fair trade"?

Have you ever been on the adventure of a lifetime, as it slowly dawned upon you, someone else was paying a huge prize for your joy?
None of us, neither crew nor climber, wants this. Clik here to read more about what we do.

Kilimanjaro is the highest freestanding mountain in the world

Kilimanjaro is also a mountain, ordinary people like you and me can climb. This makes it outstanding among mountains. Many are the people who opt to climb the “Roof of Africa” and many are the climbs you can buy.

At Stella Track we offer “fairtrade” climbs up Kilimanjaro and Meru in Tanzania. Of Course, the fairtrade label applies to production companies only. This is why we put the brackets ” ” around the word “fair trade”. To show we follow the principles of fairtrade and we cannot get the label, as it does not apply for the tourist industry.

We can also help you find a good safari or other specialised daytrips around the foot of Kilimanjaro.

We are a Tanzanian owned and based company, with a Scandinavian office in Denmark. While you buy the climb directly from our Tanzanian office, our Scandinavian based  staff can help you with all the questions you may have. Find our contact information here

Meet some of your Kilimanjaro team.

These are some of the guys you might be climbing with. As you can see, they are experienced and sincere people. They all take great pride in their work. We do take in “newcommers” as well. When we do it is on recomendation from our crew, and we make sure they climb together with well experienced crew members. This way we make sure, they get the proper schooling in our teamspirit and standards, from their experienced collegues.

Our Kilimanjaro crew - five of them

Crew on Kilimanjaro - some of them

And the ones running Stella Track


Jacob George Luoga

Owner and Tour Organizer

Born in Arusha and living in Moshi with his 3 children and a niece. He has been working on mount Kilimanjaro since 2000,

Loves his Mountain

Picture of Helena

Helena Valorinta Luoga

Customer care and Administration

Born in Sweden, living in Denmark with 3 of her 5 kids. Has worked with team organising and customer care since 2003.

Climbed Kilimanjaro in 2013 and met Jacob.

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What Clients Say

Steinunn climbing Kilimanjaro

Steinunn Heidarsdottir

We choose Stella Track for our climb, because of the fare trade, even if we knew danish companies we had used before. We do not regret !! This was extraordinary trip we will never forget. The whole crew was fantastic. Allways smiling and helpful in any way.
There is nothing but good to say about this trip. There was also entertainment with the crew. We made pancakes and soup. The food was very good
We will recomend Stella Track to all our friends and collegues

Sven ERik on Safair before climbing Kilimanjaro

Sven Erik Larsen

I was a bit skeptical before we started because I did not know Stella Track and I have been on similar trips with other tour operators that I have used several times.
But I have to say that my skeptic disappeared quickly.
We started with a safari with a fantastic guide. He had a very large knowledge of animals and the national parks.
After the safari we went to Kilimanjaro. The whole team was amazing. They were helpful and very good company. They did everything you could expect and more.
I can highly recommend Stella Track, it is the best tour operator I have traveled with.

Kilimanjaro climberHenny

Henny Eriksen

I remember our main guide on Kilimanjaro, he was very nice, but then offcourse there was Jacob who was my favourite guide. He was very ... He just has this quiet way of being. He didn't talk all the time. He was a very safe guy to be next to, which I liked very much. He made me feel safe. And then there was the waitier, Ambros, sweet Ambros, he was so smiley. They were my two favourites among the crew

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Starting Stella Track

Our story is simple: Scandinavian Helena and Tanzanian Jacob met when Jacob took Helena to the top of Kilimanjaro. At the time,he had been working there for 13 years. (Long story very short: they fell Read more…

Climbing with Stella Track

Watch this  3 min video, showing clips from climbing the Lemosho route on Kilimanjaro Our main destination is Kilimanjaro, and everything that goes for climbing Kilimanjaro goes for Mt Meru as well. At the start of the Read more…