Our story is simple: Scandinavian Helena and Tanzanian Jacob met when Jacob took Helena to the top of Kilimanjaro, where he, at the time,had been working for 13 years.
(Long story very short: they fell in love and are now married.)

Helena saw people working their butts off on the trail up the mountain, some of them carrying way too much. Many of them without proper gear or even proper clothings. Jacob later explained that not all workers were treated fair on the mountain. Even though there are both guidelines and rules for this there was no consequence for not meeting the standards and many were the workers who worked far too much for far too little.

If only there was a Tanzanian company who would treat their workers fair, Jacob said.
Let’s create one! – Jacob and Helena said simultaneously laughing

Gathering the team

So Jacob took a year studying tourism and customer service, on top of his at the time 14 years of experience from working with tourists. Helena took bachelor in innovation and entrepreneurship focusing on doing business in emerging markets.

Monika from Bulgaria was studying entrepreneurship in Scandinavia together with Helena, and soon joined in. So was Karolina Hasmaa from Estonia and Ramona Lazurca from Romania. Karolina laid the foundation for the online presence of Stella Track and Ramona set the first marketing preferences. They both went on to other projects, after finishing the bachelor. Instead Jacobs former teacher in tourism, Gracious, joined in. Thrilled with the idea of fair trade.

Together these four, Jacob, Helena, Monika and Gracious, are running Stella Track, a company who offers climbs up Kilimanjaro where the crew is treated fair, paid reasonable payments, and where climbers and crew work together as a full team.

At Uhuru Peak

Jacob and Helena at Uhuru Peak

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Lucas Mmasa · 6. November 2017 at 4:59

Thanks to be got a good idea for opening a company, in order to treaty fair for people who works on the mountain Kilimanjaro in very hard with not a good salary, proper mountain gears etc.
May The Lord will be bless you to prosper it as much as possible when you treaty fairly to each other.

    HelenaVL · 14. November 2017 at 8:27

    Asante – Thank you. We will do our very best.

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